Friday, October 20, 2017

Special Spotlight Feature: Sujit K Reddy -Founder of Work Hard Play Harder Toronto

                   Three years ago during the impending launch of Star Wars - The Force Awakens my friend Sujit K Reddy came up with a great idea to start a movie club called

                  Work Hard Play Harder -Toronto

         He as was big movie (so was I) and wanted to invite fellow movie goers to joins for mastermind dinner and movie! 

               It has been amazing experience to meet some amazing people and enjoy awesome movies together. We have take great photos post movies (see some below)

          You can find out more about our group on Facebook and Meetup  at Work Hard Play Harder Toronto.

Sujit K Reddy with Thor Ragnarok poster October 2017


           Below are some of the amazing attendees and pictures we have taken in recent years


(True) Story: : The power of storytelling and making an impact!

               Tuesday Oct 17, 2017

      I was attending Google Cloud Summit Training session on Tuesday afternoon in preparation for the big event the next day, while I was waiting for the training to start I struck up a conversation with Phil T who looking forward to the  training and the event the next day.

 We were have great conversation about business, life and success and we had some individuals with both admitted Anthony Robbins, Gary Vaynerchuk to name a few.

 I got to a point where I sharing how I was using a calender to mark the days I need to make money. He stopped me and said “ that’s a good idea, let me make a note on that! You gave me an amazing business secret. Thanks Jim!”

I responded  “ That’s awesome, taking leadership in your business is very important!”

As we continued to talk in turned out he did some photography for Speaker Slam in Toronto to with Dan Sheik and Rina Lee Rovinelli

Moral of story:  Just when you think people are not listening to what you say, you get reminded that they are listening!

Movie preview; Shape of Water - new poster (in theatre December 2017)


        Guillermo del Toro‘s latest has earned a stedy stream of festival buzz as one of the most beautiful films of the year, and now it’s got a poster to match. The Shape of Water The film stars Sally Hawkins as mute woman named Elisa), who lives a lonely, isolated life performing janitorial duties at a top-secret government laboratory. That’s where she discovers a top-secret experiment; the facility’s one-of-a-kind inhabitant, a humanoid creature underwater creature who changes her life.     Read more                       

Book Review: Take the Step

                    Jim Pagiamtzis review:

               "Thick book with powerful stories on inspiration, motivation. Insight that journey begins with one step and is a continues journey of learning and growing"

                     Book insights
A reissue of the inspirational bestselling classic that has been providing encouragement and guidance to readers for more than a decade, Take the Step is a powerful antidote to the trials of modern life. It offers practical suggestions on how to tackle problems head-on and how to live a more soulful, meaningful and passionate life. It will help readers discover ways to
  • Reconnect with a divine, authentic self
  • Grow self-esteem and self-respect
  • Rediscover a passion for life
  • Build courage to make decisions and stick with them
  • Heal the past, forgive and let go
  • Take risks to move life forward
Filled with inspirational stories, anecdotes, hard-won experience, wise advice and heartfelt direction, Take the Step is an essential read for anyone wanting to cross the emotional and mental bridge to limitless possibilities.

                     Buy book



Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Journey to working the Google Cloud Summit in Toronto

                   Tuesday October 17th

                 It was awesome day working at the Google Cloud Summit at the newly renovated Beanfield Connect building on the CNE Grounds

                  My shift ended at 5:00pm so a took look around at few of the exhibitors, I dropped by business card in a fish bowl at the AODocs booth who were giving away at Go Pro Hero Session as a prize giveaway.

                  I went out and unlocked my bike and headed back to the city, as 5 minutes from reaching my destination when my cell phone rang.

 I stopped and picked it up a gentlemen says "You are winner fo the Go Pro!"

 I said "wow"

 He says 'can you come back and pick it up?"

I said " i will be there in less than 20 minutes!"

I go back there in 10 minutes and got my Go Pro Hero Session (see pick below"

 Moral of the story: Sometimes you have to make some U turns in life!

view of lake ontario

Jim Pagiamtzis and the Google Cloud shirt

Francois Plattard giving me the GoPro Hero Session

Show Review; Designate Survivor (season 2)

                       I appeared as White House Staff in few episodes

Jim Pagiamtzis and Designated Survivor Season 2 poster

Art of the month: Dinausor attacks Swans

                     Fellow teamate provided this artistic doodle during our lunch at recent event in Toronto

                   Dinausor eating swans. The swan fighting back wth force fields, camuflage and electromagnetic pulses!